The 7 Best Spa Experiences Around The World

This is a hand-picked selection of some of the most luxurious and deluxe spas across the globe. Serene Places to enjoy relaxation and receive a non-forgettable manicure, pedicure, and massage. We have listed spas on the deserts to highlands and mountains. An ideal place to experience nature’s untampered serenity.

Let’s dig into it.

Maasai Healing, Tanzania

This phenomenal place tops our list. Tanzania is a top tourist destination in Africa. Long safaris in the park enjoying the stunning sceneries and wildlife is an insatiable attraction. This Spa sits right between Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater. It offers incredible spa services well timed after the long safaris. The Maasai’s traditional treatment and herbs give one of the best relaxations on the earth.

Couple’s Retreat, India

This is a state-of-the-art spa and antique spa in Delhi. The amazing Victorian-style entrance welcomes you to this grand spa. Unimaginably the entrance leads you to a pacifying underground with priceless quotes from Sufi poets. The spa is also private, with its walls and ceiling fitted with the magnificent Tikri Mirrored artwork. The entire Sauna is rich in a lot of art and artifacts from the Indian culture.

Yaan Spa, Mexico

This spa is an oasis in the harsh desert of Tulum, Mexico. It has several spectacular marble pools. Yaan spa has one-of-a-kind Yaan’s Healing Water Circuit. Magnificent saunas, indoor and outdoor massage parlors, and an exotic steam room are available. How ironic, a steam room right in the middle of a desert. This place is amazing I tell you.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives

The Maldives is adorable, but the Four Seasons eclipses it by far. The spa has the renowned Doctor Shylesh Subramanya. He reads patients’ minds like a medium and their bodies like a keyboard. He then prescribes effective programs like hours of yoga and pranayama. The spa has a scrumptious menu from diverse cultures.

Desert Spa, Chile

This exquisite spa in Chile is angelic. The highlight is the outdoor wooden hot tubs strategically positioned to watch the Licancabur volcanos. The Spa has employed the use of local woods on all its furniture. The circular adobe walls are unforgettable. At the desert spa, you will experience meditation with Rica Rica herbal tea and cucumber water. The spa uses special volcanic mud, desert plants for massage and treatments.

Ayurvedic Palace, India

This is a must-visit. It is located at the 18th century Kalari Kovilakom palace. Unbelievably it has maintained the palace’s original form and character. Traditions here, however, don’t prohibit meat, leather shoes, and alcohol. This spa exploits the three main doshas (elements); Kapha (water) Vata (air), and pitta (fire) for the body therapies. They adhere strictly to Ayurveda ancient texts and achieve mind, body, and spirit healing.

Wild Spa, Zambia

Imagine an outdoor massage as you watch majestic Zambia’s wildlife and landscape at Kafunta River Lodge. A graceful sight of the Luangwa cataracts and rapids will excite you out. The spa has also harnessed traditional means like hydrating Baobab facial massage to give you excellent facial therapy.